The Multiwell’ concept and methodogy

Multiwell decided from the very beginning to have a unique approach towards overweight and cellulite problems: to come up with a global, holistic approach, taking into consideration all parameters that could play a role in the installation and development of such issues.

With Multiwell, there are no standard programmes as we consider each person as unique.

Because there are several stages of cellulite: orange peel, hard, cold and painful cellulite, Multiwell could only organize its slimming equipment considering this fact (according to bibliography).

This is why we have designed a complete set of techniques and equipment, in order to follow step by step a specific protocol, and to be able to operate the right technique (vacuum, ultra sound, pressure therapy, electro stimulation) according to each case.

Multiwell slimming equipment operates according to a precise methodology:

>Customized corporal treatment
>Combination of different slimming techniques

This is what makes Multiwell so unique: combining individual diagnostic to check fat mass thanks to bio electrical impedance, re-balancing diet habits and operating synergystic non invasive and relaxing treatments.

To meet your expectations, we have developped different ranges of slimming equipment:

They all take into consideration our global approach of a full care management of the person, but they have differences one from another on the look of the equipment, different pre set programmes and accessories available. Only Efficience and Efficience Touch benefit from the aromatherapy feature for instance.